BrainPOP Jr. is the latest addition to the BrainPOP family. BrainPOP Jr. provides educational movies for K-3 learners. Through the adventures of Annie and Moby, BrainPOP Jr. addresses a wide range of grade-appropriate topics, such as the food pyramid, soil, and shapes. The movies encourage active viewing and are easily paused for students to make predictions and form their own ideas. Each animated movie has leveled quizzes, games, activities, and lesson ideas that develop students' critical thinking and inquiry skills. Designed specifically for early learners, BrainPOP Jr. is easy to navigate and all the content is read aloud so young students can browse the site on their own.
Former teachers, experienced educational writers, talented animators and programmers, and savy business professionals make up the creative power behind BrainPOP Jr. You can learn about our lead team members here. We also have a board of experienced educators who advise us on content and curriculum. You can read the bios of our advisors here.
BrainPOP Jr. was developed with an emphasis on Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences and the belief that children have different learning styles. Supplementary features on BrainPOP Jr. include kinesthetic activities where learners act out their ideas, linguistic activities where learners explain and discuss their thoughts, or interpersonal activities where learners work with a partner to complete an activity. In addition, BrainPOP Jr. focuses on inquiry-based pedagogy and encourages students to ask questions. The movies have built-in “pause point” questions to foster active viewing and discussion.

BrainPOP Jr. strives to uphold the principles of Universal Designs for Learning. According to Nancy Firchow, M.L.S., “A teacher's goal is for students to learn skills and understand the subject. Traditional curriculum materials tend to offer only limited flexibility for meeting that goal — often requiring students to adapt to the curriculum. Universally designed curriculum overcomes limitations by incorporating three principles of flexibility into the design: Multiple methods of presentation, multiple options for participation, (and) multiple means of expression.”

BrainPOP has a long history of responding to users' requests. When teachers and parents started asking for more content for younger users, BrainPOP listened. BrainPOP Jr. builds on BrainPOP's popular format, but it is tailored to a younger audience. All of the text on the site is simple and read-aloud to meet the needs of young readers. Additional features, such as games and grade-appropriate reading recommendations, support each movie. BrainPOP Jr. introduces young students to test-taking skills and teaches them comprehension strategies while fostering their creativity and inquisitive nature. Our mission is to help young learners form their own ideas about the world around them.
BrainPOP Jr. can be used in classrooms, computer labs, media centers, and libraries. BrainPOP Jr. can also be used in after-school homework clubs and youth centers. Families will also want to use the site with children at home.
You can purchase BrainPOP Jr. by visiting our store. There are several different subscription plans to fit the needs of your home, class, school, or district. You can purchase BrainPOP Jr. individually or buy the Combo subscription, which gives you access to BrainPOP Jr., BrainPOP, and BrainPOP Español.
BrainPOP Jr. wants to build an active community of educators, family members, and students. Have your children send a note to Annie and Moby with their movie suggestions, questions, and ideas. You and your children can complete our survey to help us make BrainPOP Jr. even better. We love hearing feedback from our users!

Children can send in their artwork and their writing so they can share their work on our Bulletin Board. We aim to make BrainPOP Jr. a vital resource for educators and families. You can also share your comments and ideas for improving the site by e-mailing us. If you have a website or blog, you can link to BrainPOP Jr.

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