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Our website was developed with the most recent Adobe Flash technology, which has had some known compatibility issues with various browsers. If you're experiencing difficulty accessing the movies, 99% of the time the solution is to empty your browser's cache and download the most recent Flash plug-in, or update your current Flash plug-in. Emptying your browser's cache can usually be done from your browser's settings or preferences. Once you empty the cache, you will need to close the browser and re-launch it.

You can download the latest Flash plug-in from Adobe here:

Try clearing your web browser's cache first. This can usually be done from your browser's settings or preferences. Once you empty the cache, you will need to close the browser and re-launch it.

If you or your school district use internet filtering software or a firewall, make sure to enable access to both and

If you continue to experience problems after updating the plug-in and emptying your cache, we recommend that you re-install Flash, but make sure you follow these simple steps before reinstalling.
1. Quit the browser.

2. Locate the plug-ins folder. You can perform a Find for "plug-ins" to quickly locate the folder.

3. Remove and trash the following plug-in files from your plug-ins folder:
Macintosh Users
Shockwave Flash NP-PPC

PC Users

4. Run the Shockwave installer again, selecting which browser to install to.
If you are using a Macintosh (OS 9 or below), and you are still having problems, we suggest allocating more RAM to your Macintosh web browser. To do this:

a. Quit the browser

b. Select the application's icon in the Finder.

c. Select GET INFO from the File Menu

5. In the Memory section of the window that appears, increase the Preferred Size to at least 25,000 KB. Go even higher if your computers have enough RAM. (You can see how much free RAM is available by selecting ABOUT THIS COMPUTER from the Apple Menu while the Finder is the frontmost application.)

6. Re-launch the web browser application.
Make sure you only have one browser window and tab open. If you are running any other programs, please shut them down.
BrainPOP Jr. should work with most browsers. You may need to update to the most recent version of your preferred browser to maximize your user experience. Certain browsers may have difficulty with the audio on the buttons and we are currently working on solutions.

Clearing your cache on Internet Explorer (IE) can freeze the browser. If this happens, simply close the browser and re-launch it again.

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All of the buttons and features have audio to accompany their text for the benefit of early readers. More proficient readers and grown ups will probably prefer to navigate the site without talking buttons.

To turn off the sound, click the Sound button in the lower righthand corner. Please make sure that you do not have BrainPOP Jr. open in more than one browser window or tab, or the Sound button will not be effective. Turning off the sound will not mute the sound in the movies, but it will mute the talking buttons. Whenever a movie is playing, all the buttons are muted.

Click on the Full Screen button on the left side of the small movie page.
The pause button turns red when a new question appears on the notebook and signals an opportunity to pause the movie and have children discuss. This can be a chance to activate prior knowledge, have students make predictions and inferences, or summarize information. You do not have to pause if you prefer no interruptions during the movie.
Clicking on Send Us Your Work will bring up a PDF document. To read PDF documents, make sure your computer has Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The PDF is a permission slip which needs to be signed by a parent or guardian before mailing us children's art or writing.

Some Activity pages can be done online and users can type on the lines directly. Other Activity pages should be printed and done on paper. However, all the activities can be done with an interactive whiteboard, if you have one in your classroom.
You can use and print all the features on BrainPOP Jr. in color or in black and white. To print in black and white, first click on the Print icon, and then change your preferences to grayscale.
Do not use the Print button on your web browser. Instead, use the Print button provided on our web pages. Just click on the printer icon.
To print the notebook questions that appear in each movie, click the Print Notebook button that is under the notebook. If the questions are not printing, please try playing the movie and clicking the Print Notebook button while the movie is playing. It currently will not print unless the movie is playing and we are working to resolve this issue.

Thank you for your patience.

You can download icons featuring Annie and Moby and link to BrainPOP Jr. Just click here for options.
Here are a list of things you can try that might help. Many of the problems our users experience can be solved by one of these steps.
  • Clear your browser cache. Once you empty the cache, you will need to close the browser and re-launch it.
  • Update your Flash Plug-in here.
  • Restart your web browser.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Try a different web browser.
  • Try a different computer, if you can switch computers in a classroom.
  • Turn your cookies on.
  • If you or your school district use internet filtering software or a firewall, make sure to enable access to both and
  • If somebody left headphones in the headphone jack, take them out.
  • Are there a lot of computers sharing your internet connection? Try again in a minute or so.
If all else fails, please contact us.